Fanatical Greek Clubs

In Greece every team has there on Fanatics fans who come in every game and shout for their team and draw banners with slogans. Also the fans in many times act like hooligans and they break the chairs of stadium throw flare and fumigants in the game court or bottles in the head of the opponent players. In Greece the three biggest clubs is GATE 13 PANATHINAIKOS ATHENS, PAOK GATE 4,  and AEK GATE 21 I will write about this three fanatic clubs. Every team has also a nickname by the other teams. Also every team have their own number of gate.

First is PAOK GATE 4 from Thessaloniki2209be33042b0b21ba51d348f41b7615_26281

this the most fanatical club in Greece the eternal rival of Paok is Aris also from Thessaloniki the color of the t-shirt which the fans wear is black or black and white. Also the have flags with the symbol of the team or mocker flags for the opponent team. The nickname of Paok is chicken and the most popular slogan is “Π.Α.Ο.Κ.”

The second is PANATHINAIKOS GATE 13Panathinaikos-barcelona_06

Panathinaikos who have the GATE 13 is the second team with the most fanatical people the club start in 1966 and the eternal rival is olumpiakos. Their color is green and as a second they have the white-green. In every game they have many flags with different people or names on it and the most popular slogan is “xorto magiko” the nickname of panathinaikos is “Bazelos”

The last team is A.E.K. or ORIGINAL-21-


A.E.K. is in the 3th place and the other name of the team is ORIGINAL -21- the number of their gate is 21. Their color is yellow and black and the dont have an eternal rival like the other teams. The have striped flags with yellow and black  or with the sumbol of the team and the most popular slogan is “ΨΗΧΙΑΤΡΕ” in english mean psychiatrist.

These is the three most fanatical clubs in Greece. You can write on the comment section yout opinion for these three clubs and your favourite favourite club of your country.

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    Panos forgot fentagin

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