Drinking and Driving?

Drunk driving is a serious problem that continues to cause thousands of deaths each year. Too many lives have been lost to drunk driving. This should stop and all the people must stop driving when they are drunk. But what could be done to control the amount of alcoholic beverages that people drink? How can we prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol?

The biggest problem of drunk driving is that you may harm or even kill yourself and others. This may happen with various ways. That’s why punished by law, by taking your driving license or paying a fine. If someone is killed you will waste your life in jail. Another problem is that you have low reflexes when you are drunk and it’s very dangerous to drive in this condition.When you are drunk you are unable to recognize the danger. As result you are not taking driving seriously and you are a danger for everybody.

However, for all the problems there are solutions. Someone who is drunk can’t drive. He should call a taxi to take him and go back home safely. It’s an easy advice that everyone could follow. Another solution that someone could follow is not to drink so much. If you drink a little it isn’t a problem! If it’s difficult to follow such advice there are more that you could do. If you go out with friends and you want to drink, you can agree with them that someone must not drink that day to drive the others back.

Doing all these is a sure way to avoid car accidents when you are drunk. We must be careful when we are driving. In my opinion the best solution is to call a taxi, because it’s the most safe way to go back home.



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  1. georgeklonos says:

    George I agree also you have a great article


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