I think 2J is an admirable youtuber. He is the most famous one in Greece and Cyprus. I personally admire the work that he does as a youtuber. In my opinion he is one of the best youtubers all over the world.

He was born on the 3rd of  December 1984. His name is George Ioannou and he was born in London. When he was eight years old, his parents moved to Ayia Napa a village near  Nicosia because his father is from cyprus. His mother on the other hand is from Italy and can’t speak greek. He also has a pretty girlfriend named Katia Kyriakoudi.

He began his Youtube career in May, 2007 when he signed up for the video-sharing website under the name firekreve2j. His main channel is named 2J and has more than 740,000 subscribers and also runs a 2J Games side channel.

So like I said in my opinion 2J is the best youtuber in the whole world.

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  1. dimitrisan says:

    2j”s videos are better than other youtuber”s videos.

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    1. georgeklonos says:


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  2. PANOSXGAMER says:

    i think 2j isn’t a good youtuber. His humour is for litlle childerns 10-11 years old. About your end where you say <> i disagree because the 2j copy many famus english youtubers and their style isn’t the truth personallity of him. He is also fake because in his video they say that the money who take by the youtube don’t care him but in his event they have 15$ the entrance. The Pewdiepie who is the most famous youtuber in the world have their entrance in the event in price of 10$. 2j have also big problem he moved their channel in the Greek youtube because he want to say that he is the best youtuber in Greece and cuprys too. This is my opinion about this awful youtuber.

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    1. georgeklonos says:

      Panos I totally disagree, 2j can to has high prices in the events but other 2j and other Pewdiepie

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  3. captaintax says:

    Now 2j’’s is the second most famous YouTube channel in Greece. Zouzounia have got 3 million subscribers and 2j only 1.2 million subscribers. I am not a hater because I watch 2j a lot.


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