Smaragda Karydi

Smaragda Karydi is one of the most famous actors in Greece. I like this woman because she is very good at her job and she has a big talent in acting. She was born on 9 August 1969 and after 23 years she made her first appearance in television, in a movie called Vammena Kokkina Mallia.

Smaragda became famous in 2005 when she first appeared in Greek TV, in a TV series that was called ‘Sto Para Pente’. She had one of the most important roles in the movie. It was a very funny film and made a lot of people laugh. It was the first time that I saw her in TV and I strongly believe that see will keep being a star. Another successful film is ‘Ethniki Ellados’. She also played in this series and helped a lot of people realise that this woman is a great TV  talent. It is a well thought out series with great messages directed towards a very conservative greek society and Smaragda was the lead that made it more entertaining and interesting.

Smaragda Karydi is one of the most loved female actors in Greece. In my opinion she is a woman with plenty of talents and this makes her such a good actor. I believe she is an admirable person because she has played remarkable parts in movies, the cinema and the theatre. In all these she is very good and makes all the people laugh because of her entertaining roles. She has also played serious roles and she has been great in these but I personally think that funny roles suit her more.

I believe that she is a talented person and can do a lot of things. She can play any role she has to and does this successfully. I hope she continues working so hard and offers us more great performances to enjoy.


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  1. georgeklonos says:

    In my opinion Smaragda Karydi is the best actress in Greece.


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