The Sanatorium of Greece is located on the mt.Parnitha and was built in the 1917. Sanatoriums were basically hospitals that were specifically built to fight against a disease called tuberculosis, that was incurable back then, but when a medicine called penicillin was discovered people were able to cure it.

In Greece people started heading for Parnitha by the thousands because there was fresh air there and it really helped cure tuberculosis. Then thanks to a hospital called “Evagelismos” the sanatorium was built and helped treat thousands of people. After a couple of years tuberculosis became extinct so the sanatorium was abandoned. Some people started using the building for other purposes for example as a hotel and also as a hospitality school.

Nowadays the sanatorium of Greece is nothing more than a place to attract theme tourism. The thing is people believe that the sanatorium is haunted. A lot of people have complained about hearing voices and screams when visiting in the middle of the night. Others have said that when they had entered into different rooms they felt a sudden cold covering their whole body. It was like a chill running down their spine. We don’t exactly know what’s in there but we surely know that there is something strange going on in that building.

I personally don’t believe in ghosts all that much, but from what we know they are spirits that we can’t see with naked eyes or touch so you never know. Ghosts might actually be real and haunt places that have something to do with when they were alive. Do you believe in ghosts and would you dare to ever go visit that place?

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  1. PANOSXGAMER says:

    I dont believe in ghost with the meaning we all know. I believe that the ghosts are real and the live with us. We cant understand their touch and their presence. That is my opinion! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for commenting and that’s actually a really interesting opinion.

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