Working from Home?

Thanks to modern computer technology many people can work from home and needn’t go to the office. What are the benefits and drawbacks of working from home? There are a lot, but can modern technology help people?

We all know that modern technology helps us a lot with the things that we need, but also has plenty of disadvantages. One drawback is that if you work from home you would be tired of being in front of a screen and sometimes it would be boring. Another drawback is that you don’t socialize and don’t communicate with other people. You don’t make friends and you become unsociable. It is not easy either to convince someone from home by talking from mobile phones. It would be easier if you are face to face.

These were the drawbacks of working from home, but also has advantages. One benefit of working from home is that you don’t care about weather conditions. If it rains outside you don’t have a problem because you can use technology and work just as well. Another advantage is that you have less expenses. I mean you don’t need to pay for petrol if you use your car in your work if you don’t physically go to work.. Another big benefit is that you are more hours in your home and you are closer to your family. This means that you don’t miss your relatives, and they don’t miss you.

These were the benefits and drawbacks of using modern technology for work from home. In my opinion it is better to use technology for all the reasons I mentioned before, and I believe that the most important is that you have time from your family. Working from home has also disadvantages but I think benefits outweigh drawbacks.

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