Proud to Be a Woman!

Do you girls or women catch yourselves thinking you are weak? Or worthless? Or that you are inferior to a man? Or more stupid? Many such theories still infest society but mostly women. Being a woman is a gift both for you and for the men or the world.

Let’s start with how their lives would be without a woman in them. Firstly, as the christian story says about the creation of Eve from Adam’s side, Adam would be the only man in the word, because without a woman reproduction would be impossible and so would be life. God creating Adam and then Eve from him meant that Eve is peer with Adam and equal because Eve is a piece of him. So, it’s aimless to believe that men are superior.

As well, imagine a life without a woman or your mum or your girlfriend. A life without interaction, flirt, marriage, children, without life. People say that women are born “to cause disaster” or has been said “that majority of  women in hell”, but we all know all this are theories and no man could live without a woman. They are  born from a woman and their life continues with a woman.

So, you all women, girls stop thinking they don’t need you, don’t want you.You are as important and necessary as breathing and water. A man is unable to live without a woman they know it and you must know it too! Be proud  being a woman!

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