My Personal Playroom

The place that I spend most of my free time is near my house. It’s in Athens, Peristeri and it is a place that I love to spend my time with friends. We usually go there after school or sometime during weekends.

This place isn’t big but it’s fine. Inside this place you can find a ping-pong table, a fridge, a sofa and a table. We usually play ping-pong and we have a lot of fun. When we get tired, we sit on the sofa and talk or play a fun card game. Doing all these also makes us hungry and thirsty. In the fridge we have some food or drinks to eat and drink. We started going to this place one year ago and we continue going there because we like it and we have somewhere to spend our time well.

I believe that having a place to go with friends is one of the most important things. You can relax there without having an adult to take care of you. I recommend to all people to find a place where they can be alone with friends and spend their time well!

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  1. PANOSXGAMER says:

    I also have a place to meet with my friends and there we spend a big part of our weekends and these is a small room in our basement with a table football and a ping pong. Also we have 2 sofa-beds and a tv and a mini fridge with drinks and snacks!


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