Using Mobile Phones in School

Nowadays, most young people spend a big part of every day in their mobile phones. Many teens are using their phones into the class when the teacher is giving the lesson. That results in the student don’t know what the teachers said and the don’t write their homework and they often have a bad end. In my opinion there is a solve that like in the teachers and the students too.

One the one hand, if students use their mobile phones into the class the ignore the teacher and the lesson and in the end of the school year when they must write test to go to the next class they will don’t know nothing and they still in the class again. Also in the continue of their life they will can’t find a work easily and they will have financial problems.

On the other hand, students can be use their phones for search something that the teacher asked and the students can find the answer and tell it in their teacher. Also the use of the mobile phone can be allowed by te teachers in the breaks so the students can sent a message in their friends or upload something in their social media’s profiles.

In conclusion, if the teachers forbid the phones in the school I believe that this rule will create an other problem and the student will use their phones without the teacher found them. I believe the solution of the problem is the teachers allow the student use their mobile phones on the breaks but the teachers confiscate the students’ phones in the begging of the lesson.

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  1. georgeklonos says:

    I think that,the mobile phones should to forbidden

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    1. PANOSXGAMER says:

      i am not agree with you. The phone is a exellent method to search the anwsers and i believe that every student must have a phone into the class

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    2. PANOSXGAMER says:

      Also, I think your sentence is wrong. You should have written “I think that, mobile phones should be forbidden in schools.” 🙂


  2. Nowdays, many teachers and parents think that students shouldn’t bring their smartphones at school, but some students do this without telling and they get puishments.

    On the one hand some students humilliate their classmates posting funny photos of them on socia media.At the same time they may play games or text during the lesson and cause problems for he teacher or the other students.

    on the other hand a lot of students need with their parents after school. Aso a cellphone would be nesesery during an emergency like an accident.

    My opinion is that the teachers should be more careful thith what is going on during the lesson time. A posible solution whould be that students have their phones off in school. What do you think?


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