International Women’s Day

Today is the International Women’s Day and all around the world people fighting against sexism, discrimination and gender bias are celebrating and remembering. We remember all the great women who have fought for equality. We remember heroines and scientists, artists and politicians, all women who have decided to act on the right to have dreams.

Male privilege remains a problem even in “Western civilized” countries nowadays and we unfortunately witness salary inequalities, great female leaders having to face hitting the glass ceiling, businesswomen being unable to get promoted, yet though important, those aren’t the most serious problems women around the globe face.

There still is female genital mutilation, women are still not allowed to have dreams, they are still being expected to exist just to raise children, and there are even countries where they are excluded from having education. In the States there has been a full debate even on trans women using bathrooms, whereas here in Greece many men still use degrading cat-talk.

All these account to only a small portion of the problem. What we as a magazine want is to express hope for a better future, where equality will be paramount to the very core of society. To all men out there, be respectful and kind. To all women we say remember who you are, fight for feminism, fight for equality.

Happy 2017 Women’s Day.

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