How can we Save the Environment?

Nowadays, there are a lot of ecological problems caused by the modern way of life. Many people are damaging or even destroying the environment. This a huge problem for people, but what could be done to prevent this from happening?

Ecological problems are usually caused by people who don’t care for the environment or from careleness. This problem must stop some day if we want to live in a clear and safe environment. There are many problems and one of them is car pollution. The car is one of the most useful things in the world but it isn’t so important to use everywhere. Another problem is that sometimes we forget to turn off the lights. Another thing that we can do to prevent the disaster, is to stop throwing rubbish out of litter bins. It’s the most simple thing that we can do to save the environment.

These were the problems. For all these problems there are solutions. We all know that cars are very important for our lives and we use it everywhere, but for short distances it would be better to walk or to use a bicycle. When you don’t use a house device, turn it off. For example, if you don’t watch TV, turn it off. Turn off the light when you leave a room. It’s an easy habit to take up which will help you save a lot of money and the environment too. All these things seems simple and easy but all the people do something wrong. We must be more careful and pay attention to subjects in schools which talk about the environment, how we can save it and all these.

If we want to live in a good environment, we must protect it. All these, are things that should be followed by everybody without hesitating. If we follow these simple things we will live in a better and cleaner environment.


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