Benefits of Drinking Tea

It has been said that tea is very important for a teenager and that one cup of tea a day needed. Is this truth? Why must teenagers drinking a cup of tea a day? There are very useful substances in the tea that a teenager and an adult need.

To begin with why drinking tea is important, I can say that it can make you feel better. If you’re sad, drink tea. It’s one of the most useful tips to make you feel happier. Tea isn’t just great for making you feel better when you aren’t fine, but it can help you from feeling ill. It has tons of health benefits and is a great daily choice. If a teen is vey stressed, a cup of tea has been shown to reduce stress levels. It may also help you when studying for a big test. Some studies suggest it can help improve memory.

These were the advantages of drinking tea. Tea hasn’t only got benefits though, it has also got drawbacks. Benefits outweigh the drawbacks and we can see the good that a cup of tea does for us, but is drinking more than two or three cups of tea a day good? Drinking more than three cups a day can increase women’s risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Also drinking large amounts of green and black tea can cause problems for your health and metabolism. Green tea contains caffeine which can cause tremors.

From all these we can understand that drinking one or two cups of tea a day keeps the doctor away! We must be careful with the amounts of tea that we drink because as much good as it can do for us, it can also cause damage. I recommend drinking under two cups of tea a day and all will be fine!

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