Souvlaki apo Kounia

No many days ago me and 2 of friends went out for a walk. We was hungry and we went to “Souvlaki apo kounia” for eat. This place is our favourite fast food restaurant and we go there every 1 week in the weekend.

We usually order two souvlakia and one juice or a glass of water every of us. But the last we went there, we wanted to eat something else, and we ask the waiter what else we can eat. He propose to us to eat a plate with many different meats and we order it. It was delicious with a barbecue sauce and frites potatoes. That I like in this shop is the nice staff with excellent service, the relaxing chairs and the big tables and the music. Every time I went there and talk with my friends and spent my free time, I feel relaxing and i forget all my lesson, homeworks and problems that I have.

This place conect me and my friends over 2 years. Every saturday or sunday we go there after our training for talk, relax and make fun. I believe that this place will conect me with my friends for many years to come.

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