In the past few years, technology has developed a lot and new things are being discovered every day. Cryonics is a new method that aims to eventually bring dead people back to life. That can supposedly be achieved by freezing humans and preserving them for a later time in the hope that one day it will be possible to revive these people and restore them back to life.

This idea may seem strange at first, but can this thing actually achieved one day? It is an idea that makes many people skeptical. Cryonic procedures can only begin after legal death and cryonics patients are considered legally dead. Cryonics procedures begin within minutes of cardiac arrest, and use cryoprotectants to prevent ice formation during cryopreservation. The first man that had been cryopreserved was  Dr. Betford in 1967. As of 2014, about 250 bodies were cryopreserved in the United States and 1,500 people have made arrangements for cryopreservation after their legal death.

In my opinion this method must not be used for many reasons. I think that if this technique achieved to revive a dead person sometime in the future, it would be a mess for him. He won’t know where he is and he would feel very alone because he wouldn’t know anybody in this place. Also it would cost a fortune to his family to do this and all his relatives would live a very poor life because they would spend all their money for that reason.

I believe that cryonics is totally a waste of time and money. Only rich people will be able to do this and it is unfair for all the other people. Also many people who suffer from an illness will be affected from others. It would be better never to use this method. What do you think about it?

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