Tourist Destinations for Teens in Athens

I feel lucky to live in Athens, because we have lots of tourist Destinations for teens. Great nightlife, picturesque streets, markets with jewels and paintings and a good view are some of the best words that can describe the places I will write about in this article.

One place that I propose to you is Monastiraki. There you can take a walk during the morning into the small, winding streets, outside markets and eat a delicious ice cream, it is also a great place to buy souvenirs for your family and your friends. If you want a coffee, you can stop in some of the coffee shops, sit, drink your coffee and take a look at the view.

The second place that is a must for tourists is Thisio. The night clubs and the small bars with a view of the Acropolis’ hill have a great atmosphere and are very romantic. You could also take a walk with your friends downtown to see the small open shops with paintings and hand-made jewels.

Monastiraki and Thisio shouldn’t be missed. They offer you a nightlife experience that you will remember all your life.

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