Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a 3rd person 3d boss battling game which was made for the ps2 in October 2005 in America and Japan. Shadow of the Colossus is a really old game by todays standards, but it still is charming for every type 0f gamer. The graphics for this game are not great but for their time the graphics were astounding to look at. Back then making fur and other stuff in games wasn’t easy at all you had to put in way more work than you have to put now.

The story takes place in a peninsula named the Forbidden Land  which is known for the colossi who live there. So, our main character Wander takes his beloved one, Mono there to hopefully revive her with the help of a God named Dormin. The only thing that we know about Mono is that she was killed because she was said to have a cursed destiny. Dormin tells Wander that the only way for him to revive Mono is to kill all of the 16 colossi using an ancient sword, a bow and arrows, and his horse named Agro. Wander sets out on a journey to find and kill the 16 colossi.

You use Agro to go to destinations faster and sometimes Agro helps you in battles with the colossi. Every colossus has a weak spot and the whole idea of the game is to find it and also find a way to reach it on top of the colossus. The weak spots on the colossi are always glowing and even though all of them are really tall, you use their fur and the surroundings to climb on top of them. When you reach their weak spots you have to attack them with your sword. What makes this game difficult is that you may easily fall off of the colossus while you are on him. While you are climbing you use up something called grip which is basically Wander’s stamina, and when it runs out, Wander can not hold on to the colossus anymore and the only way to refill your stamina is by going at a spot on the colossus that you don’t have to grab on in order not to fall.

Even though this game is really old, it still is amazing to play and I had so much fun playing it myself. The combat is really well designed and the ways that you get on a colossus are really well thought of, so I would highly suggest that you go play it.

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  1. Jake Stewart says:

    Nice review. I disagree that textures are easier to make now, however. Graphical fidelity comes through years of hard work from a full staff with recent games.

    This is a game that I want to get back to. I remember starting it, but never finished it. Has it aged well in your opinion? Is it worth playing over other classics?


    1. Hey, thanks for your kind words. Yes this game is really fun to play not only because of the gameplay which is really good, but because it is always fun to go back and play some older games. Like I said older games have a specific charm that you can’t find in the newer games that are coming out. So yes you should definitely go back to Shadow of the Colossus and finish it. Also I won’t spoil anyhting but it has a really interesting ending. As far as graphics are concerned, I agree with you that games are still hard to make but nevertheless they are easier to make than in the past.

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