Writing Challenge: Favourite Places

From now on, our magazine will be hosting writing challenges for both our authors and our readers. Readers can submit their texts on the comment section of each respective Writing Challenge, while writers may create their own posts about them.

The first challenge we present you with, is about favourite places to hang out with friends. We all have our own. In Greek we call them “stekia”. We gather together, have fun and may spend quite a lot of time there, something which isn’t really usual in other parts of this wide world.

They may be restaurants or Coffee houses. They may be unique squares or monuments. You may write about whatever you want, and we would like you to tell us what the place is called, who usually goes there or who do you go with, what kind of food or beverages are there and what you personally prefer to eat and drink, and above all else, why do you enjoy that place. Would you recommend us and our readers to visit?

Feel free to write. We can’t wait to read your submissions!

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