Assassin’s Creed Rising Sun

Assassin’s Creed Rising Sun is a game concept for the well-known Assassin’s Creed series. The concept has been created by Vin Hill Entertainment Design and it sets Assassin’s Creed in the Meiji restoration era in 1868. You can check the original article here.

Japan is being moved very rapidly into the future, the old styled Japan, the samurai and everything old disappears. The Assassin order is trying  to protect a “secret” from the European and American Templars. The Templars on the other hand are desperately trying to find what the Assassins are guarding, although the one man who pulls the strings is yet unknown to the Assassin’s brotherhood.

In my opinion the concept is something much more than amazing and spectacular. It is unique. I think that the setting is quite suitable for the Assassins, if you take in consideration the history of Japan with the samurai and ninjas. Because of the nature of ninjas and samurai with stealth weapons etc. It is very similar to the Assassin’s one.

In conclusion it is a very nice concept for the series and I would really like to see it in a future installation of Assassin’s creed. Tell us in the comment section down below what you think about this awesome concept.

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