Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts is a 2d platforming puzzle game that is very emotional and based on a real story. This game takes place in World War I and was inspired by letters from people who fought and struggled in the war.

In 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand got assassinated. A lot of wars started between the world and one of them was Germany against Russia. France and Germany forced every single German in France to go back to fight in the German army. Karl who is one of the main characters gets separated from his wife named Marie and his son named Victor while Karl’s and Marie’s father in law Emile gets forced to fight in the French army. After that Emile is captured by the Germans where he finds Karl. There they meet Anna a battlefield nurse and from there on their adventure starts where they make new foes and friends.

This game is really and I mean it, really emotional. And it’s one of the reasons I loved it. Since it’s based on a real story the story of the game is particularly good and its art style is so unique. I highly recommend everyone to play it not only because of the story but because it will help you understand the pain and the struggles that these armies had to go through just because the leaders of these countries were greedy and wanted more and more power.

Give this game a shit and try it out by yourselves because I guarantee that you won’t regret a single moment playing this game.

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