Meet the Tuber: Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye also known as Seán William McLoughlin is one of the best and most entertaining gaming youtubers out there, and for sure my favourite. He is always energetic, happy, and I find his videos hilarious.

Sean was born in the 7th of February 1990 in Ireland. He was born in a family which was comprised by his mother and father, his 2 brothers and his 2 sisters making him the 7th and youngest member in his family. Jack’s first console was the Nintedo Gameboy and as most kids those days, he absolutely loved it. After that he got his first ps 1 at the age of 6 in which he and his friends used to play all day long.

After a couple of years Jack and his family moved close to his grandmother in a wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere. But when he started youtube he started finding advantages by living in the middle of a forest like for an example he could scream all he wanted and he didn’t bother anybody. After Jack had graduated from Junior High-school he went to a college to study technological music. He liked music so much that became a drummer in a band called Raised to the Ground. But he didn’t really like college that’s why he left it after 2 years even though he was an average student.

Since he lived in the middle of a forest he got lonely so he started using an online website to meet more people around the world. That’s where he met his korean girlfriend whom he visited after a couple of years. His primary plan was to go to live in korea and teach english there so he could live with his girlfriend. But after he bought a gaming pc he started being interested in youtube more than anything. He went back to college and graduated hotel managment. One day suddenly his subscriber count exploded and he didn’t have any idea how that happened. He went to read his comments and saw that he had won a PewDiePie shoutout which was amazing for his channel.

Right now Jackspeticeye has over 14 million subscribers and is considered the most rappidly growing channel in the entire youtube. Thanks to that he is able to have youtube as a full time job.

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  1. kahaan says:

    when can i meet jacksepticye


    1. I am sorry if there has been a missunderstanding, but Meet the Tuber is just a name for an article series with the basic idea being that you can learn more about the youtubers. So it’s basically like meeting them and having them talk about themselves.


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