Oxenfree is a 2.5D choice making game available for pc and xbox one  where you play as Alex, a girl who is invited by her friend Ren, to a beach party at an abandoned island that turns out to be haunted.

Years ago, one day when you were swimming with your brother Michael he suddenly started drowning and because you couldn’t do anything to save him since you didn’t know how to swim, you were forced to watch him die drowning. After a couple of years your parents broke up and your mom remarried and that’s how you met Jonas your current step brother. So in the present, you go to the beach with your friends Ren,  Jonas, Nona and Clarissa. Ren has a crush on Nona and Nona is Clarissa’s best friend. Clarissa is also Michael’s ex-girlfriend and Clarissa blames you for not helping him because he died and hates you as a result.

While you are at the beach you decide to go exploring a cave with Jonas and Ren where you find a triangle that tunes in with radio signals. Ren had told Alex about this triangle but he didn’t actually know what it did. Alex gets a radio out of her bag, finds the right signal, and opens a portal to the past. From there on you start your adventure which includes time loops, time travels, and ghosts .

I really liked this game because of all the back stories of the characters and the whole supernatural stuff with ghosts and evil spirits. This game is known for its good voice acting and dialogues. It’s really fun and I think that everyone in their teens should try it out. You can also get multiple endings according to your choices, which I think is really cool cause you can play the game again and again and it will have a different ending.

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