Undertale is a 2d game which progresses according to your choices and actions. You start with a short video showing to you that monsters and humans ruled the world in peace but one day a war broke out. The humans won and therefore they banished the monsters and trapped them underground with a magic spell. But there was an entrance to the underground where the monsters lived at a mountain called Ebott. There was a huge chasm in the mountain where if you fell down you could enter the world of the monsters. But all monsters there turned out to be friendly in the end. All of them but one, Flowey which is the main evil of this game. In this game you also meet a lot of new characters like Papyrus and Sans the 2 skeleton brothers and a lot more.

This game has an amazing story. You can choose to play the game with 2 different ways the “Pacifist run” and the “Genocide run”. In the “Pacifist run” you have to spare every single monster that attacks you and not deal any damage at all. In the “Genocide run” you have to kill a certain amount of monsters in each area and then progress. For the newcomers that don’t know absolutely anything about the game I would suggest that they play the “Pacifist run” because you can learn more about the characters  and the background story that’s going on.

What I love about this game is the characters and the changes that game does for every single thing you decide to do, for example sometimes in the “Genocide run” when something creepy happens, the game will sometimes completely crash itself just for the aesthetic and if you relaunch the game you will be able to go ahead and continue the story again. On the other hand the characters are really funny and even though you might miss some of it all of the characters have a background story.

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