People Don’t Need Help Only on Christmas

In this article I will be talking about something different than usual, I will be talking about why people only help each other on christmas. So the main reason of that is that people can’t always spend money since they have important needs,+ and now you are going to say that there are rich people who also don’t help and that’s because people are also greedy with their money even though they have way more than they need.

So there are a lot of people who just can’t help even if they want to and there are some people who don’t want to give out money like that. But let’s be fair there are people who actually help even if it’s not christmas like UNICEF and even youtubers or normal people who give away money to charity or make their own charity where people can send money even online.

To be able to grasp the magnitude of another person’s bad situation you should try to get in their position. A lot of people need even the basics. For example some of them need shelter to hide from the hostile weather like frost and snow, while others need food to eat and water to drink or even warm clothes and blankets.

See the problem is that most people can’t do all this stuff and the most important factor is the economy. Some countries are in war with others so they are way too weak economically, when other countries or even states such as in Africa have a horrible economy and a lot of serious diseases that lower their population. Even in countries like Greece that have a lot of tourism and their economy wasn’t always bad, but due to various political factors they are now in a bad situation.

If you have the financial standing please remember to help others throughout the year and not only during holidays.

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  1. Joanna Karai says:

    I think that this article it’s almost like mine…. and even though you judge my article telling that my option of helping people in Christmas isn’t right and we should helping people all the year. I guess you didn’t understand the meaning of the article!


    1. First of all I haven’t even read your article so this one has nothing to do with yours secondly this was just a random idea that came up while we were thinking about what we can write that has to do with christmas so sorry if you found this article offending but again it has nothing to do with yours 🙂


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