The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is a game that was in development for 6 whole years and there is a good reason for that. You see the last guardian is a game known for its high-resolution graphics and AI path. If you don’t know what an AI path is, it’s basically the path that the AI (computer characters that are not controlled by the player) uses to get around, but what’s important is that in order for the AI not to go through walls while walking in narrow paths, you need to program each 3d model so that the surroundings won’t be available to walk through. So there are a lot of reasons why this game took 6 years to complete.

Let’s talk about the story a bit. You control a young unnamed boy, whose village was attacked by guardians which are huge creatures with bird peaks, wings and a body shaped like a dog. So after having attacked your village, they start eating humans. One of them eats you but only to bring you into the ruins of a castle. After you watch the short cut scene you wake up in the castle where you realize that the particular guardian named Trico is actually friendly and helps you escape the castle. You might think about why that guardian is friendly, and the reason is that the other ones are being controlled, but that one somehow managed to take off the armor that was used to manipulate it.

This game is a mixture of parkour and puzzles, where you use your guardian to help you get around high platforms, and that’s what I really liked about the game. You parkour in order to get to places that your guardian can’t get to, and you have to solve some puzzles in order to progress through the game. Another really good factor that made me love the game was the level design and the high quality graphics as you can clearly see in the trailer down below.

This game was really fun to play and I am sure you will enjoy it too if you decide to play it. I strongly recommend that everyone in their teens or over should play this game, and just to be clear, no I am not sponsored by genDESIGN or SIE Japan Studio! 😛

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