Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire is a teen-love, romantic book  which is about the youthful love between a handsome but “bad” boy, and an adorable yet not so innocent girl. The novel was published on the 14th  of August in 2012 by Atria Books and translated in Greek by Vasia Tzanakari for Metaixmio publications.

The meeting of Abby and Travis takes place in an underground fighting arena, where he wrestles illegally, and wins a lot of money. He is the best fighter and never loses.They both fall instantly in love with each other but don’t want to admit it, because they think that they are not meant to be together. After an arrogant bet they end up living together and then a volatile relationship comes up full of twists.

I loved the way that the author describes Travis as an irresistible womanizer who changes for the sake of love. I also enjoyed the fact that when you fall in love you defy your self and try to be worthy for your love.Even though this book is wonderful, I didn’t really like that the descriptions where are a bit too vivid.

If you can get past this, it’s a book worth your while. I recommend you to read it, it will change your thoughts about whether a man can change for a woman.Women will obviously prefer to read this book, you also must be over a certain age.

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