What does Christmas Mean for me?!


Every December we all wait for XMAS but what do we want the most? The holidays or the real meaning of Christmas? Well.. I love holidays and so do all the children my age, don’t you? But there are some parents, or grandparents, or even neighbours, strangers, friends or somebody… Ooooh I don’t care, I just wanna say that some people actually believe in the Christmas spirit!

During Christmas I prefer eating, eating, eating, oh and sleeping and sometimes when I am full of sleep and food I like to go out for food again, but this time with  friends and family. Anyway, I hate that tradition with the “Vasilopita” thing (it’s a traditional Christmas pie in Greece) cause I never win and it is so unfair!! But nevertheless, I kinda like Christmas… a lot… excluding the carols that I absolutely hate! 10 year old children ringing my bell at 9am?! I mean come on!

Apart from that, I love spending time with my family and the people I love. Because this should be the meaning of Christmas… spending time with people you love. Also, I don’t know how to explain this but in Christmas people change… They are more happy, more polite despite the financial crisis, or not having money or jobs, this time of the year they try to have fun… Okay not all the people..some people are homeless and they don’t have  neither a roof to sleep nor a bed… They sleep in the streets…

I just wanna say that this Christmas you should just try to help these people or to help yourselves to be more humane. It’s a wish that I’m making every year but it never happens. This is the Christmas spirit for me. Helping, being kind, happy, and polite. That’s what it means to be Human, because that’s what we are and we should never forget that! And never forget that maybe, I wish never, but maybe someday you’ll be homeless too. Happy Christmas Spirit everyone!

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