Can Robots make your life easier?

In the last few years scientists have invented robots. A robot is a machine, especially one programmable by a computer, capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. All of these look good, but can robots make our lives better and easier?

A robot can have advantages and also disadvantages. To begin with the advantages that they may have, they can help you with work that you are too tired to do. They can help you with your subjects or something like this. They can also protect workers from performing dangerous tasks and can work in bad conditions like under poor lighting. Another benefit of robots is that they rarely make mistakes. Also a robot doesn’t need a salary or food to work.

The drawbacks that a robot may have is that they can ‘steal’ your job for the same reason. Robots are invented with all the knowledge given by the people that create them. This hasn’t only got positive effects, but negative too. A robot doesn’t get tired and it doesn’t need breaks. That means that they can do the job that people normally do more quickly. As result many people will be unemployed. Another disadvantage that robots may have is that they are very fragile and need a fortune to fix. They are also very expensive to buy.

I believe that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks but I think that robots are not really that important in our lives. I think it’s better for people to work rather than robots, because if the robots do all the things that we don’t want to do we won’t have anything to do and our lives will always be more boring. A world without mistakes will be very boring!

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