Dji Phantom 3 Professional

Dji phantom 3 professional is a drone created by dji a company which makes drones and cameras. The aircraft has an on board twelve megapixel hd camera and it can shoot 4k video at up to thirty frames per second.

The drone can fly up to five kilometers, the reason is the remote’s very powerful double antennas and it has a very long flight time, approximately twentythree minutes, because of it’s high capacity and voltage battery. The aircraft connects with a satellite and you can see the exact location of the vehicle on a real time map to the Go App that you can download at your android or iOS device.

The vehicle has a very high resolution camera which has an fpv (first person view) mode. That means the video from the camera can be streamed in real time to your smartphone or tablet which can be clamped to a holder that can be tuned to match the device’s size, so you can see what the drone actually sees!

I liked that drone because a flying camera at this quality is very hard to find and I think dji did a pretty good job on the development of the aerial footage sector.

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