Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas has come and I have thought of writing about Christmas traditions around the world. Let’s start with Ireland. In Ireland it is traditional to leave a glass of Guinness (black beer) and  mince meat pies for Santa Claus.

Another strange Christmas tradition in parts of Spain, Italy and Portugal is to set up a miniature village with Mary Joseph and baby Jesus. It is traditional to have a little statue of a man in the act of defecating with the pants down! In Japan the traditional Christmas dinner is KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). It is popular to make a reservation to eat at a KFC on Christmas in the country.

In Greece we have many traditions for Christmas. One of them is eating special sweets  like melomakarona and diples which are really famous in Greece only for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, children of all ages go out and sing Kalanda (Carols) in houses and shops. They play music using triangles as they sing and people give them sweets or money. In our days most people give money and rarely sweets.

Do you know any other  Christmas Traditions in your country or in any country around the world? Write to us in the comments section. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

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