Meet the Tuber: PewDiePie

We all know PewDiePie even if we don’t watch his content daily. He is known as the greatest youtuber in the world with over 50.000.000 subscribers. PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, and he was born in Sweden on the 24th of October 1989. His channel is mostly about gaming and comedy.

So to begin with, when Felix was a child his family wouldn’t buy him a console because he played too much, but every time he got sick, his mom would rent him a super Nintendo to play. That was actually Felix’s first interaction with games and he had fallen in love with them ever since.

After his puberty started he started getting less interested in school, he lost friends and he wasn’t that creative anymore like most teenagers. At his final exams Felix managed to score a good grade and he got accepted to his first choice of university and he finally started getting more and more creative. He worked on Photoshop just for fun but when he got the opportunity to exhibit his photos a lot of people were really impressed by them in an art gallery. In 2010 when he had enough money from the exhibition to buy a new computer and made his gaming youtube channel, he was really excited about the comments the viewers would write to him.

After some months he met his girlfriend online, named Marzia Bisognin from Italy. When he had earned enough money from his job on a harbour he visited her in Italy. She could barely speak English and Felix couldn’t speak Italian at all, but they both had fun and they were certain that they were a perfect match. While Felix didn’t have any money left, Marzia went to live with him in Italy in a small apartment and from there on he started making videos. His youtube channel kept growing bigger and bigger and even he didn’t know why, he kept growing and growing even more until he became the youtuber we all know today as PewDiePie!

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