The Goblin’s Plan

It was Saturday the 17th of December. In a cave under the earth lived a little goblin. His name is Food-snatcher and he had got a sneaky plan. The goblin king told him to go and eat all the kourampiedes and melomakarona before Santa Clause!

Today is Cristmas Eve. In a little town near Athens, the kids are stll sleeping, and the little goblin is getting into a house. The house is big and it has a big living room too. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a big beautiful Christmas tree. The goblin is searching for the sweets. Danae and Vaggelis, the two kids of the family, listen to the noise and wake up. They go to the kitchen to see what is happening.

As soon as the kids get to the kitchen, the goblin has already eaten all the sweets, and the kids become very sad. The goblin sees the sad kids and changes his mind. He tells the kids to make other sweets together.

In the end, they make new sweets for Santa and themselves, and they become good friends with the little goblin. They live happily ever after, and the little goblin brings them gifts every Christmas.

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