Meet the Tuber: New Monthly Series

This will be a new monthly series called “Meeting the Tuber” where I will be talking about different YouTubers. I will be talking about their lives, when and where they were born, about their families, where they live, when and why did they start their YouTube channel, and all such good stuff.

So first of all, I want this to be a series where you, the readers decide on which YouTuber I should write about each month. To do that you can simply go ahead and comment down bellow the name of your favourite YouTuber and I will try to write about the Tuber you picked. Every month I will be picking some YouTubers that you may want me to write about and we will be doing a poll to decide which one you prefer.

Tell me your opinion about this series, if you have any suggestions feel free to write about them. I believe that this series will be fun for all of us and well worth it. Who knows, maybe you will find out youtubers that you didn’t know about before, or some extra information about them even if you did.

The first poll will be posted tomorrow, so come and take your pick!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. PANOSXGAMER says:

    hi Awesome gamer i wonder if you have any social media account because i want to tell you something in private…


    1. Yea sure you can send me an email at


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