Antoine Griezmann

I admire a great footballer. His name is Antoine Griezmann. He is a player in Atletico Madrid and he has a pretty girlfriend, named Erika Choperena. He also has a daughter.

He goes to the stadium to practice every day. In the morning, he eats cereals with milk and five minute later, he goes to practice. At noon he returns home and eats his lunch. In the afternoon he plays with his xbox one. He goes out with his dog. In the evening he watches tv with Erika. At least that’s how I imagine his life is.

He is a good person. He is kind because he helps his friends. And he is good because I have heard he gives money to people in need.

In my opinion, he is the 3rd best player all over the world in 2016. I want him to become better than Ronaldo!

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  1. STEVEJUKES says:

    yes,Griezmann will become better than ronaldo but he will never become better than MESSI

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  2. georgeklonos says:

    Antoine Griezmann is better than Paulo Dybala

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