Vegetarian Diet

What do you think about vegetarians and their diet full of vegetables and fruit and almost no meat at all? Is it good or bad for someone’s health to eat so many carbs and no proteins at all?

On the one hand eating only fruit and vegetables makes you lose weight very easily and in almost no time at all. Also you don’t mess around with the food chain too much because consuming can make some endangered species vanish completely. For some people it’s an ethics problem, because they see animals like beings equal to humans and killing them is not very different than killing a human.

On the other hand a vegetarian diet can have very bad effects on our health because if we eat only a specific type of food we won’t get some necessary for our body nutrients and very serious health issues can be caused by that.

In my opinion eating only vegetables and fruit is a very dificult for someones way of life. Every type of food must be consumed in the right quantity for our body to operate as it has to.



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