Google Glass

Google glass is a project that is being developed by Google. The idea behind google glass started a few years ago and on 2013 with the first prototypes were being sold in the price of 1500 US dollars and for a very limited time period, before it became available to the public on May 2014. Google glass is like a wearable computer in the shape of eyeglasses.

This device has identical features to a smart phone, like music player, calling program, messages and photographs. They main navigation on the device is via natural language voice commands and also through a touch pad located on the side of the device. Although google on January 2015 announced that the production of the device will stop but the development will continue. Later in February The New York Times reported that the glass had been redesigned by Tony Fadell but it was not going to be released yet until the product was “perfect”.

In my opinion the idea of a wearable smart phone is amazing!!! The fact that you don’t need to have free hands to operate the device is very cool. You can take pictures and high quality video very easy. You can even call or text someone via your glasses isn’t that mind-blowing? But I think that the price is very high and very few people will be able to afford it.

In conclusion this idea is very nice and pioneering but the price isn’t appropriate in my opinion and because of that I don’t think it will be a huge success unless the price falls.

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