Learning Foreign Languages

What do most schoolchildren in Greece have in common? It’s the fact they don’t only learn Greek, but one or two foreign languages as well.

Most children start learning foreign languages at the age of 7 or 8, in the second or third class of elementary school. Most of them, start learning English in language schools but in higher classes they may even start private lessons. The languages that children learn the most is English, French, and German. French or German lessons start in E class of elementary school too. How ever private language schools help children learn the languages and be sociable even more.

I started English in the age of 9 years old when I was in C class of elementary school. Then, I also started attending lessons in private languages schools too, but I am now taking private lessons at home. I have Also been learning French for 4 years. I have lessons two times a week.

I enjoy learning foreign languages and one day I want to start taking Spanish lessons as well. In my opinion, learning foreign languages is important for our future, because nowadays you must know foreign languages to have a good job.

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