Dying for Alcohol?

A father in Netherlands decided to commit suicide because of his alcoholism. His name was Mark Langedijk, he was 41 years old and he had 2 children. His life seemed normal until the time that his wife broke up with him and he started consuming alcohol. Alcohol was the cause of all these sad incidents.

This was the first documented case of euthanasia for alcoholism and it is very sad to hear about it.Though we can understand how sad he may have been or disappointed with his life, this man did something really unusual to solve this bad situation. He decided to end his life. I think that he should have thought about it more carefully and more consciously.

Committing suicide isn’t a solution for your problems. I think in such cases you should take advice from someone you know and trust. He decided to do that and he may not have thought how sad his kids and his relatives would become. His choice was supported by his brother and I think that wasn’t good. Telling someone that it is better to commit suicide than solve your problems another way isn’t normal. He did not only harm himself but all the people who cared about him.

I believe that these things shouldn’t be allowed. It is not good to commit suicide for problems that could be solved. He decided that death was the only way to escape from alcoholism and that’s disappointing. Mr. Langedijk was in a bad situation and I believe that someone should have adviced him on what he should have done. His brother supported his decision to end his life and that wasn’t an easy choice. I personally believe that he should have asked more experts before taking this difficult choice.

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  1. Over all this is a really good article, but you should probably explain that the way he died was euthanasia, because the way you present it a lot of readers like me would think that this man committed suicide. Otherwise, this is a really good article. Keep up the good work!


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