The Voyagers

Have you ever heard of the Voyagers? The Voyagers are two spacecrafts which are part of an interstellar mission carried out by NASA. Interstellar means between planetary systems or stars.

The Voyager 1 launched in September 5 1977. The spacecraft has been traveling for 39 years so far. Its  current location is in the interstellar space. Just to give you an idea, the Voyager’s 1 distance from earth is 20,604,862,000 km or 137,73500720 AU and it’s constantly increasing. The Voyager 2 launched in August 20 1977. Its current location is also in the interstellar space or to be specific it’s about to enter it.

Inside the spacecrafts sound records have been placed in case the Voyagers reach alien civilizations. These records contain different types of music and the word hello in many languages.

The aim of this mission was for the scientists to try and discover what’s beyond our solar system and even further. This might take years to happen but if it does it will be a huge step forward for humanity.

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  1. George Nikou says:

    It was a very interesting article. In my opinion it was very good idea to send these messages with the voyager and I hope one day someone will find them.


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