SKTT1 Faker

A person I admire is Lee Sang-hyeok, also known as Faker. Faker is a 20 year old, competitive League of Legends player who plays in the world championship, in a team called SKTT1 which is a professional League of Legends team. His primary role is mid laner. He was born on May 7th 1996 and he is from South Korea.

Before Faker joined League of Legends he used to play other games like Warcraft 3, Footman Frenzy, and Dota. Because LoL was still on alpha version there wasn’t a Korean server so he couldn’t play the game even if he wanted to. When the Korean sever finally launched, Faker didn’t waste any time and signed up on League of Legends instantly. This might actually surprise you, but when Faker had already spent a lot of time in League he was so good that the matchmaking system could not find players with equal skill for him to play against, so he started playing ranked.

When Faker started playing ranked he kept winning and winning until he became the number 1 League of Legends player in the whole world, known for his impressive and really smart play style. When he started getting more and more famous he was finally invited to a lot of professional teams and in February 2013 he joined the team SKTT1 where his whole League of Legends career started.

The reason I admire Lee Sang-hyeok is because even though he lost a lot of matches he never quit and made his way up in the first place. A lot of times he helped his team win games even though they looked completely lost and he always supported them not only in the game but psychologically also when they weren’t so sure if they deserved that job or if they should quit because they felt like the were holding the team back.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. staurosmagkas says:

    You will never become like him!!! 😛 🙂


    1. You just destroyed my dreams XD


      1. Stevejukes says:

        oo,sorry but Faker is chalenger and you are silver. 😦


      2. I am Silver II and you are Silver IV 😛


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