Customs around the world

You liked my first article about customs around the world, I was thinking about writing more about customs, but not about food this time. What do you think that will be interesting? This article is about greetings, good behaviour, and traditions.

Let’s start with good behaviour. In Malaysia it is not good manners to stare at someone without taking your eyes off of them. I think that it is true generally  all over the world. Do you think that is good behaviour? In most countries if we get tips, we are really happy but in Japan and Korea a tip is an insult, and for them it is like begging. If someone belches when they eat food what do you think in Greece we find it offensive? But in China, Taiwan and much of the Far East belching is a compliment to the chef and it shows that you enjoy your meal!

In Scotland, on January 25th people all over the place and in other parts of the UK tune up their bagpipes and wear their finest tartan to celebrate Burns Night. Burns night is a celebration about the life of a legendary Scotch poet, Robert Burns. Ιν Mexico, when you have a birthday and people have sung ‘happy birthday’ for you, someone will push your face into the birthday cake and you’re not allowed to get angry because it’s tradition!

Do you know any other customs about human behaviour around the world? Write to us in the comment section. Have you ever done any of these? Give us tips on who to behave in other countries!

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