Running All Around Nafplio

It all began when my school was going a trip in Nauplio. Me and 5 of my friends, George, Kostas, another kostas, Gabriel and Dimitris whom we call him Mantas, were sitting together in the bus.

I set off early and I prepared my bag for the trip. I took my phone, my sunglasses and a purse. When I had eaten my breakfast and I had got dressed, I went to Gabriel’s home. I pinked him up and we went to school together. There, we met Mantas, George and the two Kostas, and waited for the bell. When the bell rang, we got on the bus, we run to find good sits in the second floor of the bus.

When we reached Nauplio, the first that we dI’d, was to take some selfies. We decided to climb on Palamidi. The view on the top of the hill was unbelievable. We rented a bicycle for 5 people, me and Kostas were driving while the other Kostas with George, Gabs (Gabriel) and Mantas were taking pictures and eating ice-cream. We got all around town with the bicycle. After that, we sat in a Tavern in a narrow alley. We ate souvlaki, and after we had eaten we went to pay. My friend Mantas couldn’t find his bag. We were in a panic because he had his purse in that bag!

We paid for the food, and then we split in teams of two and searched all around the town. Finally, George and Kostas found the bag on the top of Palamidi. Mantas had forgotten the bag when we were enjoying the view, but he was lucky because no one saw it, so it wasn’t stolen. We were really relieved!

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