Jules Verne

Jules Gabriel his middle name Verne was born in 1828 at the seaport of Nantes and he died in 1905 at his home in Amiens. Verne had black hair and a black beard as well. Jules Verne was a novelist a poet and he was known about his adventure novels. Sometimes he is called the father of science fiction.

Verne used to live in Nantes with his parents three younger sisters and his also younger brother. At the age of six he was sent to a boarding school, his teacher Mme Sambin was a widow. Her husband was a sailor and he dissapeard. She used to tell the students that he will return like Robinson Crusoe, this stayed with Verne for his hole life and that’s visible through some of his novels like The Mysterious Island, Second Fatherland and The School of Robinsons.

What I admire about Verne is the fact that he was one of the greatest adventure novelists if not the best. I really like one of his novels which is called The Mysterious Island.

Jules Verne is for me the best novelist the world has seen.

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