Does Science Fiction Impact Reality?

Have you seen all these new science fiction video games and movies with awesome sound and image effects? There are also hundreds of books which were written in the past and they describe future societies and inventions.  But how much do they really influence our life?

Science fiction has been influencing our every day life for a long time. The ideas of many people in the past that seemed impossible back then, are being developed or have been developed by people in the present. For example submarines where first shown in some of Jules Verne‘s novels. Nowadays though submarine technology has been implemented. Communications is an other good example. Today we can communicate with people all over the world within seconds, something which in the past was only shown in science fiction movies and books.

Space travel and space colonies had been seen in many books, movies, and video games. Now all this is becoming true. Humans have traveled to the moon and we have sent unmanned spaceships to Mars for research. Space colonies are now also a possibility. Mars one is a program being developed for that reason . They are searching a crew to go and live in Mars forever because there are no supplies and fuel for a spaceship to return back to Earth.

I think that science fiction is a very important factor in our everyday life. What is your opinion about science fiction and its impact on reality?


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