World War I Remembrance Day

World war I, also known as the Great War, was one of the biggest wars that took place in the world from the 28th of July, 1914 until the 11th of November, 1918. During this war, 70 million soldiers died, including 60 million Europeans and also 16 million civilians and combatants who died while fighting and trying to help the military and the soldiers. This war started only because everyone wanted to have the most power in the world and when it ended, empires were abolished, countries reformed, and borders were redrawn.

In Greece about five thousand people died while fighting on the side of the Allied Forces (French, Italian, British and Serb). While my country fought in that terrifying war, we don’t actually commemorate those events neither do special memorials take place in schools, even though we are taught about that historical period.

Remembrance day is a day for the world to remember and appreciate the human lives that fought for them to be free and live a more comfortable life without wars. Remembrance day, also known as Poppy Day, is celebrated by wearing red poppies around your neck. The global symbol has become the red poppy thanks to a poem called “In Flanders Fields” which was written by a Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel, John McCrae.The first poppies were worn for the first time at the 1921 anniversary ceremony.

In my opinion this day is really important and shouldn’t only be celebrated in certain countries, but all around the world. This is a good opportunity for people to appreciate the hard work and sacrifices that others have made for them, something that doesn’t often happen. I strongly believe we should remember those people more often and not only during memorials.

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