Holidays in Tinos

Last summer me and my family went to Tinos. This place has plenty of things to do and visit. It has very interesting villages and very good beaches. Tinos is an island in Greece and actually in Cyclades. Inhabitants aren’t a lot but these that live there are very kind.

Tinos is well known island for the famous church that called Panagia Evangelistria. This church is known as one of the biggest churches all over the world. Tinos has a varied landscape. From the shores of Panormos and Kolimbithra on the North Shore to Kionia, Agios Yannis Porto, and Agios Sostis on the Southern Shore, Tinos has many beaches. Tsiknias is the highest mountain on the island at 750 metres and hides the village of Livada.

Tinos is a place that many tourists visit every year and actually in summer. Tourists visit it for the beautiful beaches and for the awesome hotels has. This island is 4 hours away from Athens and you can go only  with ship. Tinos has a lot of restaurants with very good food and tasty dishes of sea food. The only drawback of this really nice place is the prices of food and hotels. Prices are more expensive than normal.All the above make Tinos well known to the people. This that make Tinos special and different from the other Cyclades islands are the traditional villages. There are over than thirty villages, all of them have special architect.

I highly recommend this place for the awesome sea food, for the good hotels and for the amazing beaches and villages. All these can make a magnificent scenery and I think that Tinos is a place that has it all !!

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