Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla was born at Smilian Croatia in 1856 and he died at Manhattan in 1943. As you can see in his picture he had black short hair and also a black mustache. He was an inventor an engineer and one of the most important physicist in history.

Nicola used to live with his parents and brother who died while he was riding a horse when Nicola was 7 years old. The death of his brother marked him and his family and he grew without hopes. He was interested in constructions and he also liked books, Jules Vern was one of his favorite writers.

What I admire the most about him is his inventions. He was actually the first who created the light bulb. Can you imagine our lives without light bulbs? He also invented the radio, electric motor and discovered x-rays. Further more he invented many other things that are used nowadays.

Without Nicola Tesla our lives would be much different and he never got the laurels that he deserved.

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