Computer Skills In Schools

Schools exist to prepare students for their future careers and most importantly to teach them how to claim their rights in the world and be ready to go against anyone who tries to take their rights away from them. In their careers, people need to have some specific knowledge so they can find a proper job to provide for their families and themselves.

These are the main reasons why schools exist, but do schools actually cover these needs for the kids? Well, in Greece where I live, they don’t and that’s one of the main problems in this country. Schools in Greece haven’t been so efficient in the education part lately. For example, most schools don’t have computers or interactive whiteboards that really help students understand the lessons better and have more fun with them. Another big problem is that many teachers don’t really care if the students get the knowledge they need everyday.

So what’s necessary for education is more modern technology, so that students become more engaged with the lesson and even motivated to succeed. The government should allocate schools more funds so that they can buy more computers and equipment. As far as teachers are concerned both they and their students should take part in continuing education programmes and seminars so that they keep improving.

This is my opinion about the educating system in my country. You can go ahead and write back to me telling me about the schools in your country and give suggestions about how to improve them.

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