Do Computer Games Encourage Crime?

It has been said that violence in computer and video games can encourage crime. Some parents believe that computer games that are violent can have a negative effect in children. Is this true? I think that is not necessarily true. On the other hand children  usually believe that violent games are not bad for them and they are exiting.

There are plenty of drawbacks that violent games have. One disadvantage is that the child is all the time in front of a screen and doesn’t socialize. As a result he or she may become unsociable and may turn to crime. If the kid doesn’t have friends, the environment that he grows in may be lonely and hostile. A kid may direct his anger towards other people and become a criminal. Another drawback is that children may not think that blood, or wounds are unusual.

These were the disadvantages of violent games. On the other hand there are also advantages of violent games. One benefit is that if the child doesn’t waste a lot of hours in these games and he or she plays only for fun, he can’t turn to crime. A child can’t turn to crime if his parents check him and keep an eye on what games he plays. If his parents do all these, then there is no problem in playing violent games.

These games have plenty of disadvantages and advantages. I believe these games can have negative effects and also can be fun. It’s about how kids handle them. If the kid knows what this game has and he is sure that this game can’t influence him to turn to crime there is no problem playing games like these.

What do you think?


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  1. These are some really nice ideas you got there, but in the third paragraph you wrote that violent games have advantages. I personally believe that video games do have advantages but a lot of parents might misinterpret the meaning of your statement. So maybe you should restate that in a better way. ;D


  2. costists says:

    I have done my research. I will tell you my results. I searched on the internet about what was the best years for violent games and how much did the sales go up by. I also looked at how much the crime was up by on that year. The results weren’t the same at all.


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