Food Customs Around the World

How do you feel if your visitor eats every thing on the plate? In Greece, we would feel proud but this isn’t necessarily so in other countries. For example, in China if you eat everything on the plate, the host will be offended, because that means you are still hungry. Many customs are different around the world. Do you want to learn about some of these?

Speaking about food, in Portugal if you ask for some salt and pepper, it shows you think their food isn’t tasty. In Greece, and I imagine in Europe too, when you eat you must use a fork, but in Thailand, it’s considered crude to put food in your mouth using a fork.

In my country, we don’t eat with our hands. If someone eats with his or her hands, we may feel disgusted. But in India and in parts of the Middle East people do that and it’s taboo to eat with your left hand. When I go to an “Italian” restaurant, I always ask for extra cheese no matter what food I eat. In Italy, if you ask for cheese with seafood it is considered to be bad manners because you mix fish with Parmesan.

Every country has its customs about food. If you want to read more about customs around the world, write to us in the comments section. What is polite and what isn’t to do when you eat or do something different? This article has good tips for your behavior when you eat in other countries!


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  1. Paige Wunder says:

    Isn’t crazy how something as simple as eating can be so diverse!? Thanks for sharing some of these beautiful differences.

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    1. PANOSXGAMER says:

      You want to see more customs around the world not about food?

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