Paladins is a first person shooter game with objectives, different champions and roles for each one.This game is similar to a game called Overwatch, which is really fun too, but we will discuss about that game in another article.

So in Paladins your primary objective is to capture the circle in the middle of the map and after that you will have to take the carriage to the enemy’s base. Each team has to reach four points and you get points by capturing the circle in the middle, by reaching the carriage in the enemy base or even from deffending your base when the enemy team has the carriage. The main point of this game is to keep killing your enemies so you can push or defend the carriage and capture the circle.

Now about the champions of the game, there are a lot of champions that you can use for diffrent situations. For example, every team has to have someone tanking, another one flanking the enemy team, someone snipping them from a big distance and someone to keep the team alive. The roles in this game are frontlines to tank for the team like Makoa, someone to snipe them which are the damaging champions like Kinessa, someone else to assasinate them which are the flanking champions like Skye and someone else to keep everyone alive which are the support champions like Grover.

I personaly love this game and play a lot of it in my spare time. Keep in mind that this game is completly free and if you actually download it, go ahead and send me a friend request at the user name FallenStarHD. Well thats all for today, I hope you enjoyed the article and I will see you guys again next time!

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